Parque Natural del Marjal de Pego – Oliva

This natural park of the Marjal de Pego - Oliva is a wetland area located between the municipalities of Oliva and Pego or between Valencia and Alicante.

It has a large extension of 1,253 hectares. We find this Pego marsh in the center of a "mountainous horseshoe" formed by 3 mountain ranges: Sierra de Mostalla, Sierra de Migdia and Sierra de Segària.

Classified as a wetland, we can find that there are two main rivers that run through the Pego Marsh: the River Vedat in the northern part and the River Mlinell in the southern part. It is worth noting the great biodiversity and the wonderful quality of its waters. Different "ullals", which are springs and tributaries, flow from the rivers.

What to do in the Marjal de Pego?

What we mainly do when we are in the area is to visit this beautiful natural spot. The visit includes walks around all the areas, where you can appreciate its clean and beautiful waters, as well as different biodiversity, both birds, vegetation and different species of fish. It is worth mentioning that in the Pego Marsh you can observe a species of fish called Samaruc.

The reason for the near extinction of this species is given by the action of man in the surroundings of the Pego Marsh, with the extraction of an abusive way of the aquifers and alteration of the beds and banks of the rivers. It has also been influenced by the use of chemicals in the surrounding fields that filter through the soil and reach the habitat of this and other species in danger of extinction.

Is it possible to go by car to the Marjal de Pego - Oliva Natural Park?

Yes, there are different points where parking is allowed, one of them next to the source of the Salinar River and another near the well-known Font Salada. Once the cars have been parked in any of the places enabled for them, a good walk is priced to observe and admire the nature.

How do you get to the Marjal de Pego Natural Park?

If we take the N332 we take the deviation in Pego at the level of the company Interfruit. The CV768 road crosses the park from east to west. If we come by the AP7, we take the Oliva-Pego exit from Valencia and Oliva-Gandia from Alicante, to get to the N332

Properties near the Marjal de Pego

Thanks to the different properties in Pego that we have available you can acquire a villa in Monte Pego or surroundings to enjoy this wonderful area full of nature. Trust in professionals of the sector like The Property Shop to accompany you in the way of the purchase of a property in Pego.

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