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Spend a day at the beach in Els Poblets

Els Poblets was born from the union in 1971 of the three towns of Setla-Mirarrosa and Miraflor. It is located in the northeast of the province of Alicante in the Marina Alta. In this municipality there is about 1km of coast on the Mediterranean. We can emphasize the Almadraba Beach, located in the tip of the Almadraba, where the mouth of the Girona river is.

The charm of the beautiful beach of Els Poblets

In addition to the different beaches that we can find in the area, it is worth mentioning the beautiful beach of Els Poblets in approximately 1 km of coast, we find the Muslim farmhouse that escapes and oozes between the alleys of the towns of Setla-Mirarrosa and Miraflor.

One of the main known beaches of this municipality of Els Poblets is Setla-Mirarrosa Beach, we are in front of a semi-urban beach, it usually has a medium occupation level and has gravel instead of sand. It is approximately 1000m long and 25m wide.

La Almadraba Beach is ideal for a day out with the family

Thanks to its location and the level of occupation, Almadraba Beach in Els Poblets is an ideal beach to go with the family, in the company of the children of the house, to enjoy a day of swimming. We can go for walks along the coast around the 1000m that the beach extends. Sunbathe and refresh yourself in the waters of the Mediterranean.

Reasons to buy property in Els Poblets

One of the most important reasons for buying property in Els Poblets is the tranquillity of this area of the Marina Alta of Alicante. Besides the tranquillity, the beautiful beach of Els Poblets stands out, ideal to spend days with family or friends.

If you prefer the interior of the municipality, there are also villas for sale in Els Poblets, ideal for nature lovers and for those who like larger houses.

You can always count on The Property Shop to help you in the guide for the purchase and sale of properties and villas in Els Poblets.

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